Grand Theft Auto 4 Uncut for Australia

To: Rockstar Games/ The Australia Classification Board and Classification Review Board
This is a petition to ask Rockstar Games and The Australia Classification Board and Classification Review Board to allow an uncut version of Grand Theft Auto 4 to be released in Australia. I would like the choice to buy a fully uncut version of a product that will be released internationally and enjoy the full experience of this franchise as intended by the developers. I would also like to support my local (Australian) economy and its dedicated suppliers.


The Undersigned

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slapsta724952d ago

too late for this i reckon

i really want to know what has actually been cut or editted

if its anything significant il have to import....

Gazman4952d ago

with only 24 days till d day I dont think this will pass, depending on whats been cut I may import, but then again that may even be pointless because it may effect online play.

OpiZA4952d ago

It must be such an inconvenience for them 2 have 2 cut stuff from the game.

GameClearer4952d ago

Just IMPORT it seriously its got nothing to do with rockstar how can they release a 18 game in a country with out a 18 rating,if they did it would just get flat out banned

rjgbyrne4952d ago

What about future games, Australia needs to get their act together mate. We need an 18s Rating and one that enforced to get the government into touch with the people. Ninja Gaiden 2, Metal Gear Solid 4... who knows what else might be cut and for what? To lose money by residents importing... thats not good enough for the Australian people mate. Please sign the petition if you at least think you could help in some way. I think it might be too late for GTA4 but its very annoying that people here are only informed of a censored/ cut down edition 4 weeks before laucnh after all the pre-orders have been taken. Shame on Rockstar for this too.

thor4952d ago

I agree. There should be a petition for an 18 rating in Australia, not to allow a particualr game to be sold. And let's face it, GTA isn't _really_ suitable for under 18s.

ar4952d ago

Hold on! You got 18+ ratings for movies but not for games? Who the hell came up with that idea?

Exhaust4952d ago

No. Rockstar is a business out to make money. It's not Rockstars responsibility to appeal and fight every nanny government in the world. Just as any business they make decisions intended to make the most money possible. Because Australia is a smaller market they just edited the game rather than fight it out.

If it wasn't for Rockstar there wouldn't even be any mature games anyway. They've done more to push the boundaries than any other developer.

Don't blame this on Rockstar. Protest your government. Fight the source of the problem don't shame a great developer like Rockstar.

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The story is too old to be commented.