Kombo: Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Review

Kombo writes: "Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds is the next-gen offering of Sony's "wacky" golf franchise. You pick from an array of Japanese super-deformed (large head for body proportion), anime-inspired golfers to shoot a few rounds. Compete online or with friends, in single-player challenges or practice to your heart's content. The less serious take on the sport focuses less on accurate simulations and more on arcade fun.

Because this is Hot Shots Golf, style and personality play just as an important role as do the gameplay mechanics. Out of Bounds uses the PS3's power to its advantage, showing that this golf still has attitude after ten years on the fairway. The characters are given unique, cliché personalities that are taken to extremes to give players a sense of levity that never grounds the game anywhere near a serious tone. The result is an atmosphere that stays fresh once the grind of playing multiple games of golf starts to wear thin. Courses compliment the zany cast with large environments that offer plenty of details you wouldn't see at St. Andrew's."

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