OXM UK: Mirror's Edge Preview - A first-person parkour Prince of Persia - Perfect

OXM UK writes: "We're running, flat out, across the roof of a skyscraper, all glaring white concrete and dark shadows in the high-altitude sunlight. Behind us, the police have opened fire. We reach the edge of the building and leap out into space, moving people and traffic visible on the street hundreds of stories below. There's a terrifying moment of vertigo and then we're on the roof of the next building, catching a brief glimpse of our legs and the sky going past as we break our fall in a forward roll. Then we're up without stopping, dropping into a slide under some pipework and then coming up to vault a fence.

This is Mirror's Edge, the next project from Battlefield creators DICE and one of the most impressive looking games of 2008. You're Faith, a courier in a locked-down world where people don't trust anything other than hand delivery, and you're running because that's the only way to survive."

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