The Legend of Zelda: Wind Walker Gameplay Video

Gareth of Skewed and Reviewed got some hands on time with the latest Zelda game during his coverage of the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. The game is a work in progress build but shows fans that that have something to look forward to.

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Axonometri1968d ago

This must be how it is truly being made HD. No longer a wake, now it's a walk.

Oh man, even more walking?

Oneirous1968d ago

BUT this is how I remember the gamecube version?! :| :/

Tiqila1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

it is the gamecube version, is it not??

Garethvk1968d ago

It would not line up well on ladders, I kept falling on the ledge as you can see. They said the graphics and gameplay needed work. It was very dated to me. Characters still beep and chirp instead of talking, the music is old school, gameplay was very retro.

TechnicianTed1968d ago

That's because you were playing the game like an imbecile.

Garethvk1968d ago

I would love to see how well you do with an alpha build with an unresponsive control and camera system. Must be so easy to be armchair critic.

colonel1791968d ago

We wouldn't expect you to play well when you can't even write the title of the game correctly (it's Wind WAKER by the way). Also, by what you wrote in your comment, you don't even like games, so why even bother then? Do something you like instead.

akaihana86plus1968d ago

"gameplay was very retro", hmmmmm, ok? σ___σ

Gregard1968d ago

Well, the other replies covered it pretty much. But here goes:

First of all, it is called "Wind Waker". That might have been an auto correction or a typo though, not a big deal.

Second, I'm not sure if you are aware but the game is an HD remake of the old gamecube game. So your comments about beeping and old school and retro are kinda invalid :P

And lastly, and I say this meaning no offence, but there is no other way to say it. You are not very at games are you :P I mean come on! My 5 year old sister, when she was playing with this game with me had no problems lining up to the damn ladder lol !

Garethvk1968d ago

As I said, pre alpha build with a bad control and camera system.

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herbs1968d ago

Why post such a crappy shaky off screen video of someone who sucks at playing and doesn't even no what the game is called. How and Why did this get here?

Garethvk1968d ago

First, Nintendo limits the angle and type of camera you can use for footage. Secondly this was an alpha build. They told me controls, camera, and graphics were being worked on. It was very tricky to control. I have been playing games for decades, this build was very hard to play. Many others at this preview had issues with the controls.

Jagsrock1968d ago

this video is rage inducing. How can you be so bad?

Garethvk1968d ago

You play it in the state it is in and lets see how great you do.

Jagsrock1968d ago

Oh please ive seen countless people play this demo and none failed this hard.