Lost Planet Enemy Intel

It's a planet so cold that simply going outside will cause your thermal energy to slowly but surely dwindle away. And that's the least of your worries. The real issue with braving the elements would be the seemingly endless number of giant bug-like aliens known as the Akrid. Survival will be tough if you go out uninformed. Lucky for you, you won't have to as Capcom has sent over some descriptions of the enemies you'll find in Lost Planet along with screens and movies to help you identify them in the wild. When you're done reading, make sure you go to the image gallery and video page for updated media.

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Jakens4467d ago

This game is fun. I reserved the collector's edition today for Jan 5th.

assjacket4467d ago

Is that when this game comes out? I didn't realize it was that soon in 2007. Man, I am going to be short on cash for a while, starting in November.