NPD: Xbox 360 Most Widely Used System in USA For Online Gaming, Wii And PS2 Follow

Research group NPD published a 2008 report on online gaming earlier this week, announcing that 72 percent of the total U.S. population ages 6-44 plays video games.

One of the items in the release:

Among those who use a video game system for online gaming, Xbox 360 is the top system used, with 50 percent stating they play games online via that system. On average, Xbox 360 owners spend the most time per week using their 360s to play games online, followed by PC and PS3 owners using these respective systems for online game play.

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Stryfeno13874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Anyway, yes...I do all my online gaming on my 360. Live is such a jewel, but that doesn't mean it's perfect.

gonzopia3874d ago

Apparently not a title typo.

A little surprising, but not all that much. The PS3 is being used just as much as an entertainment system as it is a gaming system.

kosha3874d ago

Among those who use a video game system for online gaming, Xbox 360 (50%), PlayStation 2 (22%) and Nintendo Wii (18%) are the top three systems used, with Xbox360 continuing to command a dominant lead.

Pain3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

"The PS3 is being used just as much as an entertainment system as it is a gaming system."

As was the intent of Ken's Master plan for the 'PlayStation'
'Set Top Entertainment Box'

TheSadTruth3874d ago

these results are inaccurate, first off 50% of the population is female (as far as I know) and second off, there is no way there are more Xbox gamers than PC gamers.. it's not even close

JasonPC360PS3Wii3874d ago

Why don't you just come out and speak the truth and just say "The PS3 is being used just as much as a Blu-Ray player that happens to play a couple of games".

The 360 is being used for games 1st, online gaming 2nd, arcade gaming 3rd, and then other forms of entertainment. After all it real purpose all along was thats it's a "gaming console".

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v1c1ous3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

wii...#3? shouldn't it be like #5 or 6 behind psp/ds/ps3?

thehitman3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

But this was an intersting read. Didnt expect to see wii there or even the ps2 there which actually isnt tooo surprising considering how much consoles they have out there. The Wii numbers just probably spiked with SSBB.

bigjclassic3874d ago

Online it has;
Dragon ball Z BT3
Mario Strikers
Pokemon BR
and Metal of Honor and they all get massive playtime. If the service was a little better it would probably overtake PS2 in online login hrs.

bigjclassic3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

is that way _____________________>

wallace10003874d ago

I don't understand why people bash the Wii so much. I got to try one a few weeks ago and it was awesome and that was just playing bowling and baseball. It is different and a lot of fun. If i had time to play 360, DS, and Wii then i would buy a Wii forsure.

Qbanboi3874d ago

Damn man, that's weird. Wii, better than Psp and Ps3 online?

I had never played Wii online (NEVER) always playing online on the Ps3. But if NPD says it, well it has to be true

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NO_PUDding3874d ago

Well I could have guessed that.

It is the US. 360 most widely recognised consoel this generation (in the US) and this generation has such an emphasis on online play, that it's really not surprising at all.

PS2 however is surprising.

AwRy1083874d ago

...the articles states that the PS3 is right behind the PC, not the PS2. Get your titles right, Kosha.

kosha3874d ago

thats the bit where theyre talking about the amount of time spent online per week. Later on the article it says about the amount of people who have used a system for online gaming so it is not wrong

Gorgon3874d ago

WHAT??! Where's all those WOW players??!? LOL

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