The Big 4: Gaming Consoles You Want

Roughly 165 million Americans play video games, states After years without new systems, gamers can now look forward to the release for four new systems.

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Nyromith2983d ago

This generation this question shouldn't be asked in plural.

_QQ_2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Yeah it should just say "when are you going to buy your Wiiu"

greenlantern28142983d ago

List is the big 3 plus ouya. So basically saying you want everything that plays games. But who really wants them all?
I don't think ouya is going to do well. And not many people going to buy all of the big 3 either most people get just 1 followed closely by those who get 2 very few of any can afford all three let alone support buying games for them all.

dcj05242983d ago

If the wii u drops to $200 I'll pick it up after my ps4.

greenlantern28142983d ago

Yeah they really need to cut the price, if it was 200-250$ I bet it would sell a whole lot more.

PSN_ZeroOnyx2983d ago

Ouya should not be listed. It is not a next gen console, hell it's not even in the same league as Wii U. Ouya is a glorified tablet on house arrest.

cootdog1232982d ago

I'm a ps3 and will be a ps4 man. I do own the 360 but only recently purchased it. I will probably purchase the xbox1 but it will only be after the price is cut in half so maybe in 4 or 5 years.