Dualshock 3 - US Review

It has been well over a year since Sony released the Playstation 3 with the new, SixAxis controller. The absense of rumble has been debated and griped over since day one, with several theory's as to why the feature was no longer there. All gripes aside, Sony has finally released the official successor to the Dualshock 2 and SixAxis controllers, known as the Dualshock 3.

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Genesis53945d ago

I just picked one up. Even though I got use to the sixaxis. It's nice to have the rumble back.

kingjk3945d ago

does walmart have em?

Genesis53945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Not the Walmart by me yet. I live in Canada and got mine at Rogers Video.

steriotyp3945d ago

Wal-Mart is behind on the shipment and will get them next week. Try Play-n-Trade, Game Crazy, Slackers, Blockbuster and your local game outlets. That is where I found mine. Silver as shown in the pic.

Cwalat3945d ago

does anyone know if these have less battery time ?

Truckasaurus3945d ago

From an official response on the Playstation Blog:

"It has the same battery as the SIXAXIS wireless controller so any change in battery life will depend on your use of the rumble feature. From what I’ve heard from those who have tested it and from the respondents here on the blog, the change is minimal."

steriotyp3945d ago

remains virtually the same. I have not noticed a reduction in battery life at all, and have played pretty much non stop since early yesterday morning.

Diabloz3945d ago

All game stop are supposed to have them. On my way to get one :D

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The story is too old to be commented.