DualShock 3 hits store in two flavors

The Dualshock 3 has finally hit US shelves and contrary to popular belief, both silver and black colors are available.


UPDATE: It has come to our attention that some people think this is a fake. As we are unable to please all audiences, we will do our best to put your minds at ease. An additional picture has been added to the bottom of the article clearly showing the 4 lights. The 'Player 1' light was illuminated at the time the photos were taken and did not show up for one reason or another. This new photo should clear things up I hope.

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kingjk3851d ago

what stores have besides gamestop cuz I dont see them

M0KILLaU3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

ordering it off amazon they have them in stock.

gabeh10183851d ago

i wish they had a tradeup program or something because now i have 4 sixaxis controllers.. :(

oh well

EZCheez3851d ago

Does anyone actually want the silver one?

Primetimebt3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

I have a black six axis, and a white dual shock 3 I imported from play asia months back so I'll probably pick up silver one. Black is just to plain to me and I need some new flavor.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3851d ago

i want the silver one its the hottest one there...

JadeTyrant3851d ago

yea i need a new controller, I've played COD4 so much that my analogs are sticking, plus sixaxis just feels "cheapy"

Grassroots3851d ago

They no longer feel cheap, the dualshock 3 feel very solid. I'd say it feels perfect compared to the light sixaxis which I feel I could break by simply twisting it a tad bit.

Unfortunately COD4 still doesn't support rumble yet.

darkshiz3851d ago

Nor ever.
Fccing lazy as Infinity Ward.

thor3851d ago

I bought 3 sixaxis controllers at launch - there are 3 people in my house that would want to play together, but also, the ps3 supports up to 7 controllers, so now I have 2 dualshock and may pick up another 2 at some point. That way I can play 7 player when there's a party going on or something, and as most games only support (up to) 4 player play, everyone will have rumble in that case. Don't ask me how I knew there would be rumble controllers coming along later, so I could plan ahead, I just knew ;)

DongHungLong3851d ago

The extra 3 are for peripherals... I seriously doubt you will ever see a game that supports more than 4 actual controllers...

White-Sharingan3851d ago

Pixeljunk racer supports up to 7 controllers but of course its a PSN game

i agree with you that all serious games wont support it but im pretty sure some party games will

I have a feeling REZ HD will support it (for the rumble)

Engineer3851d ago

Lots of the sports games support up to 7 people do they not? I'm kind of banking on Pro Evolution doing it. I own the game now but yesterday the unthinkable happened, my PS3 died... it stopped reading any format of disc and without opening the case there is no way I could fix it. Thank goodness for the warranty. But now I have to not play games during finals month here, though I guess that might just be Jesus watching out for my grades..

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The story is too old to be commented.