PALGN: Dragoneer's Aria Review

Dragoneer's Aria on the PlayStation Portable is a standard turned-based role-playing title that attempts to replicate the success of the Final Fantasy franchise. In the game, players control a small group of adventurers on their quest to save dragons from the approaching forces of darkness. The idea is an interesting one, but it isn't fleshed out by the run of the mill story or generic RPG gameplay. Combined with the average presentation and deeply flawed battle system, Dragoneer's Aria is a mediocre game that will only frustrate and rarely entertain.

In Dragoneer's Aria, players assume the identity of Valen Kessler, a student on the verge of completing his training as a dragoon – a soldier tasked with keeping the land free from evil. Just as Valen is about to graduate from the academy, the Black Dragon – an evil creature banished centuries earlier – returns to create chaos in city of Granadis. It's now up to Valen to protect the good dragons and discover why the Black Dragon has reappeared after so many years.

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