Edge Feature: Game Design Courses - Hit or Miss according to Rare, 2K Marin and Frontier

Edge writes: "Game design courses are big with students but the industry remains wary, according to Frontier's David Braben, 2K Marin's Jordon Thomas and Rare's Nick Burton. We visited the University of Teesside in the UK to see how it answers the critics.

"You can say we're responding to the market and educating students," says Dr James TerKeurst, director of the University of Teesside's Institute for Digital Innovation, "but that's only half of it – you actually have to help create the market.

It's a truism that produces mixed feelings – happiness that the University of Teesside and regional business initiatives like Digital City do so much to support students of its game design degree, even once they've graduated, and concern that this is one of very few exceptions amongst the 290-odd game design courses around the country."

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