GameSpy: Wall-E Preview

GameSpy writes: "Heavy Iron, the studio responsible for the upcoming Wall-E videogame, have been working with Pixar for a long time. This is its fifth Pixar-film-to-game effort, and its content and quality should be instantly familiar to people who have played the previous four games. That is, it looks like a game that kids will enjoy playing when they're not watching "Wall-E," but it's unlikely to tear you from your normal videogame fare.

You play as Wall-E, the recycling robot left to clean Earth after humanity has left it a ruined trash pile. That's literal; humanity has abandoned the Earth to live amongst the stars, because the Earth is covered in garbage. Wall-E is one of the robots left behind to recycle this garbage, and has been living his lonely life for 700 years. Everything is shaken up by the arrival of EVE, a new-model robot."

-Adds content for movie fans
-Kid-friendly gaming

-So-so looks
-Slippery controls
-Another typical licensed movie game

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