Jury says Microsoft owes Alcatel-Lucent $367M in patent damages

Engadget writes:

Hey, remember that Microsoft / Alcatel-Lucent patent fight from 2006? Yeah, we didn't think so -- but the two companies have been duking it out in court over about ten different patents for a couple years now, and a jury ruled today that Microsoft infringed two user interface-related patents and owes damages to the tune of $376M.

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TrevorPhillips4243d ago

shame on microsoft always gettin sued but no matter how many times u sue them they dont care cause they have alot of money

NO_PUDding4243d ago


What are Microsoft gonna pay for the 14 exclusive epidsodes of GTAIV they just ordered?

Dun DUN DUN...

CNIVEK4243d ago

I reported this article, and commented that it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with gaming, and therefore has no business at News 4 GAMERS.

But, just like EVERY OTHER anti-MS story that gets matter how repetitive, or irrelevant, or LAME...the Sony fanboys submit and approve it, and the Sony fanboy admins allow it . Just go ahead and change this site's name to (News4SonyFanboys). You guys are truly pathetic.

NO_PUDding4243d ago

Stop whining. If you want the US Microsoft propaganda you get everywhere else, go to GameTrailers or GameSpy. This place is fair, and the only thing that makes it seem unfair is people like you moaning.

Just becuase the news isn't always great for Microsoft (as it most certainly wasn't for Sony last Autumn), doesn't mean that this site is somehow biased. This is in the industry section, and it's got a place in the industry section.

There has been mention of Sony patents here too.

heyheyhey4243d ago

there's been tons of such anti-Sony stories over the years on this site

this site has hundreds of stories that have nothing to do with gaming, get used to it

there's tons of stories that are about such business stories- they come about MS, Sony, Nintendo and everyone else

don't like it? piss off somewhere else

i get the feeling if the story said "Sony to lose $367m"- you'd be perfectly fine with that

mirroredderorrim4243d ago

Damn. I could live off of that for the rest of my life. I need to come out with some user interaces of my own!

Says you4243d ago

actually spend there money on there lame system that can't work now thats just pathetic! I guess there not that rich after all!? and for the guys that is supporting this corporation in a die hard way you would have to be blind to think they are making any money on there game division and yet you guys think they have "unlimited" money which they don't have!.

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