Street Fighter 5 and Why Capcom is a Parody of Itself

CraveOnline writes: "Last weekend Capcom used the EVO 2013 fighting game tournament as a platform to announce Ultra Street Fighter 4. The game, Capcom boasted, will be the "definitive version" of Street Fighter 4, a game which at this point has already had two definitive versions in the form of Super Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition."

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doctorstrange2897d ago

I want the Ultra Super definitive version of this article.

knifefight2897d ago

I'm gonna make a comment, and then come back with a SUPER comment, and then an ULTRA EDITION of the same comment, and all the while, the comment will have extra words that I already typed, but you have to pay money to read.

dbjj120882897d ago

They certainly announced USF4 to a friendly audience.

PurpHerbison2897d ago

The article is ass. Sorry.

Sitdown2897d ago

Too bad you already hit it. ;-)

Baka-akaB2897d ago

People requested that version , get over it or vote with your dollars already

pompombrum2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

People requested a balancing patch.. not a new version with copy and pasted stuff from SFxT. Honestly I'm really excited for it however the copy and paste stuff seems like just a sad attempt at milking their fanbase further. If they use these funds to help support a proper SF sequel, I won't mind but I have a feeling Capcom have no plans at all for SF5.

Baka-akaB2897d ago

Actually plenty requested a new version as well . There was a large buzz and frenzy on fighting game sites and forum , not just for the balance patch . The reaction from many was basically " dont just do a balance patch like 2012 , how about adding stages and missing SF3 characters ?"

AbortMission2897d ago

You mean to tell me that Capcom actually LISTENS to their fans and has nothing to do with them being greedy a*holes? Get real, look at the RE, DMC and Megaman fanbases.

This is obviously Crapcom doing another cash grab

Baka-akaB2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I have an history of posts and requests from plety fans on "my sid"e , you just got your BS and wishful thinking . Who the f*** told you here that capcom aint greedy and isnt similing or did it the best way possible for us ? No one .

But it is a fact and matter of public record for all to see that street fighter 4 players , aka the one still playing and still caring , not the guy who read once ign , listened to them them resold the game a month later , DID WANT THE FRICKING THING AND GAVE FEEDBACK ABOUT WHAT THEY WANTED DELIVERED WITH IT .

TheBlackSmoke2897d ago

ACTUAL STREET FIGHTER FANS: Capcom please can you update the game? we want a rebalance and some new characters.

Capcom: here you go


oh look Capcom milking, copy paste, entitlement, why dont they make megaman legends.

Baka-akaB2897d ago

Precisely , now people are going to tell us what it is we did and wanted , when they werent even there to chimes in .

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AznGaara2897d ago

I'm buying it. The FADC mechanic is an amazing mechanic. So I'm fine with more characters using it, even if they're just "ported" over from SFxT. If you play fighting games regularly then you'd know how significant a balance update can be.

Baka-akaB2897d ago

yeah i really like built in cancel mechanics such as FADC , roman cancels ,Persona's one More , Rapid cancels etc ...

It's exciting and add depths to combos

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