Microsoft To Switch To Blu-ray If Necessary?

Microsoft has been a supporter of HD-DVD since the beginning, but at a recent press briefing, they told our reporter Roman that if necessary, they can easily develop a Blu-Ray player that is compatible with the Xbox360.

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kmis874468d ago

Well, they did say a while ago that if bluray won the format war, then they would release a bluray addon. This is old news for anyone who has listened to their press statements.

zonetrooper54468d ago

I'm still not gonna get Blu-Ray or HD-DVD so this does not matter to me, i would rather be gaming and watching movies on my DVD player.

TOM4468d ago

you only say this because you clearly dont have an HDTV yet,If you did you would see how pitiful dvds look in 480p. I can barly bring myself to even look at a dvd.Ocne you have the proper tv then I can asure you,you will want hd dvd.

shotty4468d ago

They said it was technically possible but they are 100% commited to HD-DVD.

Yo Wassap4468d ago

Stuff like this will just bring hoard of PS3 fanboys saying 'I told you so, we've won!'. It makes sense, if it does fail then you have a back up; that makes the 360 a double edged sword.

xtopher4468d ago

its all about choice. If blu ray fails, ps3 owners will have a dead format and expensive disks. If hd dvd fails, 360 owners can buy the addon or not buy either at all. Its their choice.

waiting for sony to realize blu ray will fail.

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The story is too old to be commented.