Kombo: Call of Duty 4: Variety Map Pack Review

Kombo writes: "Today Infinity Ward released its long awaited Call of Duty 4: Variety Map Pack for Xbox 360. Unfortunately, PlayStation 3 owners will have to wait an additional three weeks before the new content is available for download. If you own an Xbox 360, you can download the four new maps and join the variety pack playlists that are set aside especially for those craving new content. The new map packs award you with double XP per kill, so those needing a score boost into or beyond prestige mode should definitely take advantage. For now, let's take a look at what 800 MS points (or $10 US) nets you.

Each map is pretty huge, and will take a while for players to learn the nuances of each new map. It is obvious that Infinity Ward put a lot of time and effort into balancing each map. The results are maps that are of the high caliber you would expect from a quality development studio. If you are a serious Call of Duty fan, this downloadable content is easily a steal at only 800 points."

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WIIIS14483d ago

Game today, not tomorrow, or the day after, or the week after...

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eddierivera4483d ago

Not that I dont want the new maps, but with games like GTA4 , GTP, coming this month, I dont see me playing COD4 the way that I usually did. Also, I heart that live isnt running well cause of the pack.