Xbox Live hits the slow setting - Microsoft, Activision aware of Xbox Live Issues

Xbox Fanboy reported earlier in the day a Xbox Live has hit the slow setting! According to some readers, Xbox Live is experiencing slowdown reminiscent of the Holiday '07 debacle. The general guess is that the popularity of the recently released Call of Duty 4 map pack may have a hand in the current network situation. While some readers are experiencing login issues, download errors and general feeling of the service being dragged through molasses, we've been receiving friend requests for the last hour and a half for tonight's big game while connected to Xbox Live without any issues other.

A little under an hour ago Microsoft and Activision have acknowledged the issues that have plagued the Xbox Live and Xbox Live Marketplace services. A notice was posted on the support page as well as the above message found on the Game of the Year Map activation page for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

While no formal reasoning is given the community finger has points squarely on the Variety Map Pack for Call of Duty 4 that released earlier today. Even though we're assured via Twitter, "the team is aware of issues w/ LIVE" from Xbox Live's Major Nelson, we wonder how the service will cope on April 29 as the world attempts to experience Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV.

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toughNAME4239d ago

And just like the problems that happened during the holidays, I didn't notice a thing:S

consolewar4239d ago

but I did have some issues today.

JsonHenry4239d ago

I can get online and play (tried out RS:V2) but when I went to look at game demos and the newest movie rentals it told me it was having problems connecting to the online store thing.

wallace10004239d ago

I played a bunch of halo 3 yesterday and no problems here.

dantesparda4239d ago

A friend of mine called me up yesterday talking about, somethng is wrong with his Xbox Live connection (he couldnt connect), so i checked mine, and lo and behold, there it was, the same problem. And when it did connect, i couldnt get all the links to work, and i kept losing and regaining the connection.

And no, it isnt my internet connection cuz it was working fine for all my other computers without any problem

AzaziL4238d ago

Mark your calendars everyone, Xbox Live will be down on the 27th for at least a week. If Micro$haft can't even handle a double XP weekend for CoD4, what's going to happen when GTA is released. They'll be putting in their final nail to everyone that buys a 360 for GTA only to find out they can't play online during peak hours, even though they're paying extra for the online service.

And you'd think they'd put the money we spend on Live towards making better servers, what a joke.

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Sayai jin4239d ago

Played Gears all night with no lag and no other issues.

Sayai jin4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

LOL, I got 10 disagrees becuase I played Gears of War with no log and no issues with XBL. I guess everyone that disagreed was in my game room with me last night or this site is full of trolls. Some people had issues I did not.

wallace10004239d ago

Maybe they were all just stalking you dude, looking through your window or something :-P

trancefreak4239d ago

I had cod4 lag problems bigtime on PSN monday. But its all good now. The net isnt always perfect and people disagreing with your are funny. You stated a fact and u were disagreed lol

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Denges4239d ago

you get what you pay for... oh wait

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

Theres something wrong with there PERFECT(?)Holy Grail!service!!! ;-D
NEVER!!! ;-D
+PSN IS FREE!!! Did i say??? ;-D

t-0_ot-4239d ago

Denges - PSn sucks, xBox live owns it by far. And, it's not slowing down on the games it's because of millions of people downloading the COD4 maps at once.. Have you downloaded em yet? Oh.. that's right, your once again.. waiting!

Worm Ken Kutaragi - "PSN is Free" Okay? But, how many people are using that free service? 2 million? When PSn has as much people using it as Live does, and STILL doesn't have any problems.. then tell me about it.

Obama - "I never experience slowdown on psn, whether in warhawk or cod4." Well when theres about 10 million more people using PSn, you will..

cr33ping_death4239d ago

had trouble downloading the maps, and there was alot of lag on COD4. couldnt join my friends early because i had to update the game but the update wouldnt download.