PS4′s oddball games – 9 weird and wonderful titles heading to PlayStation 4

OPM: The PS4 might be a computational behemoth capable of calculating all the pretty needed to make Killzone Shadowfall kiss your eyes but it’s open and easy to develop for architecture means it’s attracting some weirdly wonderful and creative developers with some frankly strange ideas. The that end we round up PS4′s oddest games (so far.)

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iamnsuperman2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I am really ready for Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Might be my first purchase. Listening to the theme song right now

I do like the look of Hohokum

Sadist32007d ago

Why the hell would you want Octodad? Are you serious?

Sadist32007d ago

All these games look very boring. I guess you must be a casual game player. Why would someone want to play as a freaking octopus trying to maintain a low profile? That doesn't even sound Boeing, it sounds like a waste of money. I'm really baffled by this, what the hell is happening to gamers nowadays? This is the reason they keep making that whack assassins creed and call of dookie every freaking year. We need more games like battlefield, splinter cell, far cry, division, metal gear, the last of us. I'm tired of the boring brainless AI shooters (Killzone) and assasin's creed 6, that they're really calling 4 where you run around and press the X button forever and jump in haystacks. I miss the games that were actually a challenge, exciting. Now they make games where you're an octopus trying to conceal yourself. Wow, sounds really fun.