Kotaku: Life As A Trash Compactor: Eyes On Wall-E

Kotaku writes: "The folks from Pixar were on hand to show off the video game adaptation of their animated movie, Wall-E. In Wall-E, the world has been taken over by a benevolent corporation and in a little switch, it's the consumers who are the enemies rather than the big corporate menace. Players can either take on the role of Wall-E (a trash compactor robot that looks like a cross between R.O.B. and Johnny 5) or the sleek and "iPod inspired" Eve, a flying female robot with a killer laser, both of whom are trying to save the universe from its own twisted remains.

Wall-E has a pretty powerful laser himself, as well as the ability to make "trash cubes" that can help solve puzzles or be used as projectiles. Players can also partner the two up to help solve some of the game's many puzzles. Wall-E can be played as a single player experience or with up to three other friends."

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Harry1903850d ago

that's the only computer animated movie i've been thrilled about for a long time now.