IGN review of Backyard Baseball '09

Bozon writes for IGN:
"The Backyard series was far from perfect on GBA, and has stunk pretty bad on DS thus far, with the exception of Backyard Basketball. Usually these games are quick little cash cows that are rushed out the door, but every once in a while we find one that stands above the rest. Backyard Baseball '09 works, and while it still has the same general shortcomings that arrive with every Backyard title year after year (weak visual design, horrible audio, and extremely simple interface and presentation), the gameplay is there this time around, and it's due in a large part to the intuitive touch controls. It's not perfect by any means, but for this year's baseball head-to-head Backyard isn't looking too bad. The control works, there are some decent moments of fun to be had, and there's even multi-card two player should you find someone else with the game. A little effort goes a long way."

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