TVG: Dark Sector Review

TVG wrotes: "A body-morphing infection and a triple-bladed fictitious weapon? Sounds like Digital Extremes is stepping out into the light once more...

After a less-than-successful outing last time with Pariah (hindered no doubt by the self-imploding Hip Games) and Warpath, Digital Extremes returns to the fold on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with Dark Sector. Having watched their previous conjoined twin studio Epic Games go from strength to strength, culminating with 2006's Gears of War, Digital Extremes' attempts to carve a new brand in Dark Sector is no doubt a fresh start with D3 Publisher."

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arakouftaian3852d ago

this game is good scarry n fun, 8.8/10. from me i rate r. fall man 8.5 from today rate, when it come out, i will give it a 9 to r. fall of man