Naruto: PS3 Project Named

Great news Naruto fanboys, Namco Bandai games finally named the upcoming game Naruto: PS3 Project. The game will be title "Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm", named after it's successor Ultimate Ninja series.

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pwnmaster30004245d ago

i forgot about this. lets hop ethis game will better then the 360 one and yes ive played the 360 one i rented it

sonarus4244d ago

i haven't played the 360 one but one thing is for sure naruto can't be done on the ps3. lol At least according to ubisoft

yesah4244d ago

yea, i think that this will top all naruto games to date. Ive atually been looking forward to this >.>

anyone know if there is freeroam? the 360 one had it and the one that just came out on PS2 has it soo, kinda stupid not to.

Also i heard that this will only be released in japan because the show here hasnt caught up? anyone confirm? thanks.

barom4244d ago

If the newest PS2 game had free-roaming, I would assume this one would as well as it's the same developer.

Also I don't know what episode the US is at, but from the looks of the cover art. The game seems to be from the first series (NOT shippuden). So I'm guessing there might be a chance. Worst case scenario, we just have to wait till they air episode 135. Which I bet can't be that far off.

Richdad4244d ago

Game is made by the same team that has made Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 for PS2, I played their eariler games it was better than the lot of Naruto games on PS2. The 360 version was very griping though and kind of sucks you in.
But this one would be good too. Its made by Cyberconnect2 they have made .Hack series earlier. This will not be a AAA title but surely might have its place.

mr_potato4244d ago

No this is from the Shippuden episodes(or whirlwind series in US) i know cause in the vids kakachi naruto and saske and sakura all had their shippuden cloes and i think i saw an ododma rasengan.

As for this coming in the US i don't think it will at first but later yes anyway if the game has english subs when it's realesed in Japan im so gonna import it.

Im a big fan of the series and im really happy we get a game of it.

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Rikitatsu4245d ago

Why ppl like Animes like Naruto :/ i watched a youtube vid , and its really not that good

i miss good old animes +_+

Lord Anubis4245d ago

did you watch the English version?
The story is ok. I already read all the way to where on the main character dies i expected more from Naruto but it's ok.

I prefer bleach though, the story is much much better and i read pretty much the whole series. Too bad the anime has not caught up with the manga.

If anyone wants the links for the english mangas let me know. They are worth it.

pwnmaster30004245d ago

i used to be all naruto but now i just think its overated but its still ok, the only anime i watch now is deathnote, intial d and avatar. i also like cowboybebop, wich i think they should make a game out of

GCO Gamer4245d ago

"bleach" never watch that show naruto,dead note and DBZ

Charlie26884245d ago

define "good old animes" -_-

Naruto is 110% PURE RAW Shonen if you are into it its one of the best to see in recent point in trying to compare it to other anime genres or using the "overrated" card

pwnmaster30004245d ago

where not comparing were just saying wat we watch and ar oppinions

kg73104245d ago

The best anime ever has always been Dragonball Z, then comes Naruto, then Death Note. I dont like bleach though :S

games4fun4245d ago

ONEPIECE its goofy at first but the battle get to be pretty epic after a while

MisfitSmurf4244d ago

naruto, bleach, and death note bores me, im more into elfen lied, witch hunter robin and outlaw star

i used to like naruto but it just got got boring after the water country episodes, bleach never liked it cause of the bits on comedy in the action scenes bad dialog and annoying voice actors both english and japanese, death note i could never really get into :/

kingOVsticks4244d ago

Its partially because its on cartoon network but Its not that bad naruto shippuden is alot better and bleach is decent but i know what you mean animes like tenchi muyo,evagelion, and macross were classics but I replace those with new anime like zero no louise,dragonaut,clannad,schoo l rumble etc all the good anime that aren't dubbed yet. Oh but naruto game looks amazing check vid

Obama4244d ago

Yeah Misfitsmurf, Elfen lied is great.

Adamalicious4244d ago

Naruto "translated" into English are intolerably bad. Naruto fansubs (Dattebayo or AnimeOne & ANBU) with the original audio are actually really good. I used to think Naruto was lame too, until I started watching it in Japanese.

RecSpec4244d ago

Naruto now is what Dragon Ball Z was back then.

And Death Note is a lousy anime, it's way better as a manga.

Richdad4244d ago

Naruto is one the last great Anime left since most Japanese Devs are flocking too games and animes are getting low in quality thats why I remeber DBZ I cant say any anime would come near abt that but Naruto do had some great things.
Atleast its better than that Pokemon it got really worse when Johto Journey started. Naruto is still a very good anime. I can say that it has all emotions in it and the story is potrayed beautifully.

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SUP3R4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

I stopped watching the anime since the filler arcs back in 2006.
I read the manga every week which to me is TONS better than the anime.
Haven't started watching Naruto Shippuden, but I might get into it when it gets to where the manga is right now some seriously epic battles and key events are taking place right now. Really good reading.

Bleach also has me especially excited with the events that are currently occurring in the manga. Can't wait to see the battles that are about to go down.

synetic4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

cyberconnect2 always make great games so i know this game will rock only hope they will let the original dub in the game when its released in usa/europe btw you will want to read this ..


PAIN ( akatsuki leader ) KILLS JIRAYA

lol spoilers ftw

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