IGN: Nintendo Talks Mario Kart

Bozon writes for IGN:
"As part of an ongoing feature with Nintendo of Japan, the company's president, Satoru Iwata, sat down with top players in the product development of some of Nintendo's largest projects. Now that Brawl is reaching fans worldwide, Mr. Iwata turned his sights from Nintendo's brawler over to Mario Kart Wii. Reaching a more casual audience this time around, Mario Kart Wii offers unique tilt control, full Mii integration, 12-player racing and battle mode, and full online support. With such a full plate of features, options, and first time technologies on Wii, there are sure to be some great conversations behind the scenes. For the first edition of Iwata Asks, Mr. Iwata invited Kenichiro Ashida, project leader for the Wii Wheel, producer Hideki Konno, and Nintendo lead designer and all-around overlord Shigeru Miyamoto to sit down and chat about all things Mario Kart."

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