TVG: HAZE - Q&A Feature - 'I think we've pushed the PS3 pretty hard in places. I think there is more to be gotten out of it'

TVG writes: "Strap yourself in tight. Haze is almost ready to give you the Nectar induced ride of your life and Free Radical tells us why...

We've been eagerly anticipating Haze here at TVG for many moons now. The two delays that the title has gone through have only wetted our appetite further. With this in mind, we sat down with Derek Littlewood, Haze's Project Lead, to see how Free Radical Design has been tweaking its first next-gen shooter over the last few months of dev time.

TVG: Graphically, as far as the PlayStation 3 is concerned, there's perhaps a perception that we haven't fully seen what the system has to offer yet. Do you feel that you had the chance to fully stretch the capabilities of the machine visually, or was it more a case of focusing on the gameplay and getting solid next-gen graphics, but making sure the gameplay is spot-on?

A: The gameplay was always going to be first and foremost, but I think we've pushed the PS3 pretty hard in places. I think there is more to be gotten out of it. Well, I know there's definitely more to be gotten out of it. I know of areas in our engine where we could improve the way we're doing things to be able to throw more things around. You're going to see better results coming out of the PS3 in the next few years - it's going to keep on improving.

As far as what we've achieved with Haze is concerned, I think we've achieved something that, for this time, is showing what the PS3 is generally capable of at this point. But games are going to come along in future that are going to be progressively better."

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ruibing4481d ago

Isn't it still coming out in May? Why is that in the 2009 fiscal year?

xhi44481d ago

because the next fiscal year starts around june/july or october something like that?

Harry1904481d ago

This i predict,is going to be a multiplayer masterpiece.

Cyrus3654481d ago

Cause end of march is the end of the fiscal 07-08 year (Jan 08 to March 08) is Quarter 4 in the Fiscal 2008. April to June/July is Quarter 1 in Fiscal 2009.

ar4480d ago

A fiscal year doesn't run along side a calendar year. And it also differs between companies.

gonzopia4480d ago

I've looked into the future my friends... and it's Haze-y.

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smurfie44481d ago

It looks decent but I dont get the impression that its pushing the system.

AlterEgo4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )


Purchase confirmed.

Uncharted was the first, Haze will be the second, and hopefully others will follow.

Seems like the PS3 exclusives get sweet treatment, but with multiplat games...the PS3 version gets the boot when it comes to loading times.

Wonder what that's all about if not dev laziness.

AlterEgo4481d ago

Wow, AND they have 4-player co-op w/ splitscreen-online play?!

So, lemme get this right:

I can jump on. A friend comes over, and grabs a controller. He can play.

Then we can hit "online", and 2 other players on my friendslist (or someone from anywhere else) can join in in 4-player co-op campaign bliss?

Once again, I'm sold. They need to advertise the living daylights out of these features.

Vulcan Raven4481d ago

Will it have 4 player offline? Either way this game is going to kick major a$$. Looking forward to playing it this May 22nd. Online PSN ID SiriusRocks23.

Alcaponedyou4481d ago

you're telling me. Me? that you can just co-op just like that?
lol sounds like an infomercial

AlterEgo4481d ago

@ Vulcan Raven, in short.... Yes.

@ Alcaponedyou LOL yeah, you're right.

Mr Tretton4481d ago

I don't give ass about this game until I see reviews.

Better yet, why does anyone give a crap about this game anyway?

OMGBBQ! Instant poichise!1 Pfff.

AlterEgo4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Ahh, Mr. Tretton, I'm disappointed in your stupidity.

Anyone who relies on 'reviews' to make a determination as to whether they're even slightly interested in a game...probably should just give up gaming.

Nobody can tell you what 'you' like. Or maybe they can...I know they can't tell ME what I like. You make a determination based on what you see since the game isn't out yet. The developers, the idea, the screens, the videos, the features...all appeal to me. So what's your point if you don't give 'ass' about this game...and why do you care if anyone else does if you don't? Am I gonna like it any less because you don't?

Haven't seen any reviews of MGS4 yet, but shockingly, I've already paid for it in full and plan on picking it up at the earliest possible time it can be picked up even if it means waiting in line. But according to you, I guess I should cancel my pre-order and wait until I see reviews right?

But I mean each his own, I guess. Cheers homie.

(btw, you probably already know I 'disagreed' feel free to do your thing.)

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