Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II screenshots dawn

Screenshots of Relic's upcoming game, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, have emerged on the game's website.

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Charlie26884243d ago

ZOMG!! The quality is INSANE...the game could EASILY be a 3rd person shooter with that graphic quality O.o

they are setting the bar VERY high for other RTS in the future O.O

Skerj4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

Starcraft II what? Ok just kidding, but I like Dawn of War better, it's damn hard for me to play another RTS after experiencing the combat animations of the first. DoWII is going to kick ass and take like 43 names, and guess what? It's not even going to remember those names because they mean nothing to it. NOTHING!!

God that second screenshot is so the truth they scaled everything up, Titans are going to be so dope. I can't wait to see the Tyranids, yes they will be in. The graphics engine upgrade is why they were never in the first, Relic said the old engine wouldn't do them justice.

LinuxGuru4243d ago

I agree, a new graphics engine is needed to show the shiny, bloody, gooey textures of the tyranids...

I'm still in shock at the beauty of this new engine...

This makes me appreciate my painted Warhammer miniatures, dude...Playing the PC game reinvigorates my interest in the tabletop version, you know?

In fact, I think I'll assemble some Necrons I bought recently, and then head over to my local Games Workshop!

Skerj4242d ago

Hah yeah man, DoW actually made me want to get into the miniature scene but I didn't feel like spending "40k" to get started. I've long been a fan of the series and the lore, and I always pick up the codex books when I get a chance and the odd unit or titan but I never took the plunge of actually PLAYING. That might change soon, I know some people who are hardcore into it and it looked pretty fun.

LinuxGuru4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

*stares in amazement*

Holy crap....and I thought the CURRENT Warhammer 40k game looked good....

This makes the actual painted Warhammer miniatures look boring...

Just LOOK at that TEXTURE work, people!!

I'm in shock!

*jaw hits floor*

I must add, that the beautiful textures / texture depth and colors of the tabletop version of Warhammer is what makes it so appealing to the PC version is finally matching's good to see!

LinuxGuru4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

Citadel Miniatures must be smiling proudly to see its wonderful series of tabletop miniatures getting such love from the PC community. I hope they make truckloads of money from this, because they are one of the few remaining pioneers of the dying tabletop adventure game genre.

May Warhammer never die!

Happy 25th anniversary, Warhammer!

JeepGamer4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Space Marines... ATTACK!

mijkil4242d ago

Totally Awesome stuff!

WH40k obviously blows the starcraft universe away, but i also happen to prefer the gameplay of DOW to starcraft as well!