Rachael Ray must be stopped before she makes a videogame

Gamertell is calling for a revolt in reaction to the popularity, over exposure and Oprah-esque (and Oprah funded) media infusion by cute cook, Rachael Ray.

The call to unite was inspired by the recent announcement that Ray will soon be starring in her own animated series, which the writer views as a step too close toward her own videogame.

The writer offers this scary warning: "You may scoff, you may laugh, but my game-playin' friend, it is only a matter of time before a 'Cooking All Friggin' Day with Rachael Ray: The Game' is a reality and - *shudder* - your mom buys it for you for Christmas."

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Fighter4478d ago

Will her husband cheat on her in the game too.

Skizelli4477d ago

She may be a little corky, but I don't see why people make a huge fuss over her. Take a good long look at yourself and get over it.

DARKDRAGON2544477d ago

First, why are gamers upset about this? Just dont buy it. Second, I dont have a problem with Rachel Ray. She's cute and knows how to cook. Third, if they want to get mad at someone, blame Nintendo. This game will be for all the soccer moms and the people playing casual games and that own a Wii. If the Wii didnt exist, this article wouldnt be here. It will probably be a Cooking Mama clone with Rachel Ray. Why is anyone surprised about this?

pjeigh4476d ago

A couple of you seem confused - a Rachael Ray game has not been announced. That article is a call to unite and stop her before one is.