Top 10 Characters Who Should Fill Ultra Street Fighter IV Mystery Slot

Hardcore Gamer: With only one important clue that this new fighter has never been in a Street Fighter game before, we've formulated a list of our top ten characters that should be the fifth mystery character.

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majiebeast2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Megaman :P or Haggar

MEGAxPAIN2893d ago

Its been confirmed that Haggar will not be the 5th character.

jc485732894d ago

hmmm...Nilin would make an interesting character.

kingdip902894d ago

Batsu would make sense since sf already has sakura from rival schools so the universes already co exist story wise. It would be hard to fit many of the other characters in the game in a "believable" way

DivineAssault 2894d ago

Strider would rock in there

rajman2894d ago

Most of those picks are not possible, as Capcom have already stated that the mystery character hasnt been in a fighting game before.
I like Nilin, but I doubt that fans would approve of that....she isnt well known and only starred in the mediocre Remember Me.
Here are some great mods for SSF4 AE showing how characters such as Batsu and Nilin would like in the game:


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The story is too old to be commented.