Attorney Against NCAA & EA Sports Speaks Out

"It’s apparent to us that the NCAA’s decision to end its long and hugely profitable relationship with EA is tied directly to the pressure our litigation is bringing to bear."

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NYC_Gamer2573d ago

EA is always caught doing something shady

dbjj120882573d ago

Probably not seeing another NCAA game.

ftwrthtx2573d ago

That would be sad. It's usually a better experience than Madden every year.

gedden72573d ago

Nope they confirmed that they will bring it out next year...

dbjj120882573d ago

OK thanks, now I gotta get back to playing NBA Elite 11, NBA Live 12, and NBA Live 13....

jlm92573d ago

They can still make a college football game with individual licences from the Schools. Although it will be hard to sell as the player likenesses will have to be extremely generic

TrailerParkBoys2573d ago

Hope NFL follows in their footsteps, anyone know when that licensing agreement runs out? I would love some competition from other studios. Especially from Sony like how they rule with The Show. Sony hockey game sounds good too, mmmm

RiPPn2573d ago

The NFL contract ends this year, and from what I've read, EA no longer wants to pay the NFL asking price for the exclusive contract so things could get interesting.

On a side note DirecTV is rumored to be considering whether or not to renew their Exclusive Sunday Ticket contract that expires in 2015, so it appears the NFL is pricing themselves out of lucrative deals.

gedden72572d ago