Data-Fly: Shapeshifting for PS3 and X360

Twas well over a year ago since we first heard about Data-Fly. Since that however, information regarding the game seem to have flown away or got buried deep under, depending on how you look at it. We were already under the impression that the China-based company in charge of development is not pursuing the project anymore until today.

ORiGO Gaming Entertainment President and CEO Adam McClard, though hesitant to reveal details, assures everyone that the project is very much active. McClard claims that they are in fact targetting a 2008 release on the Xbox 360. Furthermore, the game will still be making an appearance on the PlayStation 3 but the ORiGO official didn't ascertain when.

Data-Fly is a free-form, play-it-your-way kind of game. Players can engage the enemy head-on using either guns or swords, or they can opt for a more discreet approach in stealth mode. That sounds like Assassin's Creed, don't you agree? Well, it would be unwise and hard to judge this early as the setting of the game is still undisclosed.

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