Lost in Blue 3 reviewed by GameSpot

Lost in Blue 3 is the third in Konami's survival adventure series and maintains the franchise's traditional premise, casting you as either a male or female character stranded on an island after the mysterious sinking of a cruise ship. After you've washed ashore and regained a few memories you'll run into your partner, another miraculous survivor, at which point you must keep each other alive until you're rescued or manage to escape. For perhaps the series' sole plot twist, the game includes two additional characters you'll run into as the storyline progresses, and all three partners offer their own unique services that'll aid you in discovering a way off this tropical deathtrap.

The Good
* More characters than in the previous games
* Some fun exploration
* Alternative endings.

The Bad
* Lot of recycled material
* Micromanaging gets irritating
* Some finicky minigames
* Tedious backtracking.

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