Want new xbox 360 demos? Here is how to get them.

There are some steps that have to be followed to do this:

-Get a hotmail, yahoo or any e-mail address that is not registered with any gamertag(make sure to put that you are from the year 1985 or older, otherways they will ask you for another e-mail to register the account later on).
-Go to and register that account. Just say that you are from  the country the demo(s) was/were released(I picked Japan because that's were most demos that are not released in North America are released).You will have to get any adress from the country you chose.
-After completing the registration just go to your xbox 360 and recover the gamertag. Complete every step to recover the gamertag and there you have it. That's all.

There are some fun demos like Viva Piñata, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Chromehounds, and a few others.

      Ps: For those that don't know, all of the demos are showed in every account, so you can play the new demos in the others accounts.

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SPAWN4466d ago

Uh, This is old news kid! Everyone has been doing this for months now. I have Rsix demo and I`m in new york!

4465d ago
CeaselessMedik4466d ago

It's also against some of the Terms of Service you have to agree to, so only do this if you're okay with being banned from Xbox Live.

PS360PCROCKS4465d ago

Dude if Microsoft banned me from Xbox live for wanting to play THEIR game demos, they would be a horrible company, I understand their TOS, but I would personally drive to their headquarters to tell them to F off and throw my 360 in their face, I don't see why they do it anyways, geesh give everyone the chance to play your games, hello duh more sales if MORE people like the game, it's stupid in the first place

DrunKao4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

Microsoft banning you from Live for importing demos would be like Sony suing you for importing their game systems.