PS4 price shows Sony's commitment, says Level 5 boss

Level 5 boss said that PS4 price shows exactly how serious Sony is this time around.

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greedybear881944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

The system is great value. Just got to decide which launch title to get now...

Alexious1944d ago

I'll get Killzone:Shadow Fall for sure, and Driveclub through PS +.

As for the rest, I'll have to see how Watch_Dogs, Battlefield 4 etc. are in their PS4 version compared to PC.

minimur121944d ago

Im'a get Watch_Dogs, Knack, and Driveclub through PS Plus :)

I might get the camera, the way I see it is that I'm missing out on some features :p

cleft51944d ago

Those are great games and I really hope Sony gets a lot of support from JRPG makers like Level 5. The 3DS and Vita are great, but I want to play some console jrpgs too. Speaking of which, I am looking forward to Tales of Xillia.

Thehyph1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I would like to say that I had a choice in choosing next gen, but I don't think I did. After a hiatus of gaming for a few years I got back into it last June. The thing that sold me on ps3 over 360 was PlayStation plus with its new instant games collection. Sixth months later plus made it easier for me to buy a Vita. Sixth months after that The Last Of Us has a deal for $50 off on the Pulse headset if you buy both.
Now I have a decent headset which should be compatible with ps4, the second screen/companion device, and (when ps4 launches) about 6 months of plus left. When you're in that position Microsoft has to pitch one hell of a console to switch you over.

BOTH NEXT GEN CONSOLES WILL BE FUN. That's the bottom line. "Fanboyism" really just rubs off as insecurity to me.

Edit: forgot to include my answers to the question.
I'm all for Killzone and Knack myself, but I think the multi platform games will be the best sellers come launch.
Truthfully, the launch titles are just there to tide me over until inFamous and The Division come out, but your mileage may vary.

3-4-51943d ago

I would love some Level-5 RPG's on the PS4. Buying one eventually anyways.

Blastoise1944d ago

Love to see what these guys have got in the making for PS4

BABYLEG1944d ago

I would love to see what they have now. The launch lineup for ps4 is so EH! The games just seem so lame to me. I don't care what they have coming, I want everything now plus more in the future. Some people will buy the cheaper system because it looks like a better value, yet its not.

Blastoise1944d ago

How good the launch line-up is an opinion

But the PS4 is more powerful than competition, so it IS better value. Why pay more for something less powerful?

BABYLEG1943d ago

What game has Sony shown that says "hey, we're the most powerful" because the games seem like barely a step up from ps3/360. The Os is... Where is the OS? Not all the time is power a good thing. Would you bring your fastest car to Laguna Seca or something that can handle corners and doesn't stutter or stumble with certain tasks? Ps4 Is powerful. So is XO. Their output will be identical whether or not you think one is stronger over the other. All opinion. I would rather a company backtrack on policies.. Good policies and bad. Keep most of the good, or a company that shows what they want you to know. Sony is hiding a lot

Edito1943d ago

You are lost in such way that i feel sorry for you...

Edito1943d ago

Just tell, me a car with a 560HP and a car with a 300HP wish car do you think is more powerful??? Answer that and u will have ur doubt cleared...

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abzdine1944d ago

now mister Akihiro Hino, show your commitment to PS4 and give us a Dragon Quest, Ni no Kuni 2 or Dark Chronicles at TGS.

Cryptcuzz1943d ago

I would love it if they are making a Ni No Kuni 2. I am currently playing that game on the PS3 and its truly a masterpiece both in terms of gameplay, music, story and visuals.

The game is really really nice to look at, minus some aliasing here and there, but I can only imagine how it would look if part 2 was being made for the PS4!

Pascalini1944d ago

But it only seems great value over xb1 as it doesn't include a device like kinect

People are so stupid they don't realise this

DoesUs1944d ago

Yes but you get a headset with it. Its a deal sealer.

TimeSkipLuffy1944d ago

I would welcome if Microsoft wouldn't force us to buy Kinect. I don't want to be monitored by the US government XD

thrust1944d ago

Do you use a bank card?

jeffgoldwin1944d ago

the camera on your phone and laptop has already been watching you.

Nyromith1944d ago

The camera in my phone is in my pants or inside the desk. The camera of kinect is in the living room, staring at me all the time, even in darkness. Why should I want it in my living room?

thrust1944d ago

The gadget show in uk had 2 gamers play the Xbox one and ps4 and they said you do need the cam on the ps4 or you are missing out on lots of little fun features.

So yeah I agree with you, once you make the packages up there is very little difference between the consoles, I will get both tho.

Just getting the ps4 at a later date

iamnsuperman1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I laughed when I saw the gadget show. That show is horrible. It is so uninformative and it doesn't get tech right. They have turned into the top gear uk of the gaming world but at least top gear can get cars right These are the two pictures on the website


I mean how uninformative is that.

Here is that feature for anyone's interest http://gadgetshow.channel5....
One the show the guy said it was needed to play the games. But it doesn't that is just misinformation. The user comment on the page reiterates the misinformation.

If you want news/reviews/previews about anything tech related stay well clear of the gadget show

ravinash1944d ago

The camera does add a few features, but I think you'll be fine without it.
The guy didn't really explain why he reckoned we needed the camera. it just uses features in games and helps track which user is playing with which controller when playing multiplayer on one PS4. but you still don't need it.

thrust1942d ago

You will be fine with out the cam yes, but I do not like missing out so I would get the cam, for me the difference is nothin between the 2 consoles.

Am getting the the Xbox first because being an online gamer I like to speak alot more English speaking people are on live.

With psn I have only spoken to about 4 English speaking people in the last 4 months and they where hard to understand because the headsets/Bluetooth are not good.

slimeybrainboy1944d ago

God, you people. That's like saying you buy a car but it has a caravan attached to the back. Even though you don't want it, it makes the car more expensive. Why would you buy a car like that when you can buy a cheaper car that is faster and doesn't have the caravan you don't want? Also the PS Camera is £50 the PS4 is £350, all together £400. The Xbox One is £430. Where's the value in that?

majiebeast1944d ago

Nah its more powerful by quite a bit as well.

Bathyj1944d ago

But people dont want a device like Kinect forced on them. MS are so stupid if they dont realise this.

Kayant1944d ago

And it becomes over-priced when a person doesn't want it because they don't like motion gaming or navigating the UI with their hands.

Not everyone wants or will use a kinect.

Alexious1944d ago

Are you kidding?
It's 100$/€ cheaper, has a more powerful hardware, the headset included and it doesn't even have a power brick.

There's little contest in terms of value.

Salooh1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

''Looking at your picture''

That's the troll face . I hope it's not offensive xP . Seriously , are you kidding ?. 450$ and you will get the same value if kinect is what you call value ...

MasterCornholio1943d ago

Just add the PlayStation eye to the package and it would cost 460$ which is 40$ cheaper than the Xbox One.

Motorola RAZR i

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