Sunset Overdrive first look - Insomniac talks cloud power and mutant carnage

Of all E3 2013's surprises - a new Battlefront, free-to-play Killer Instinct, Tom Clancy's The Division - perhaps the most surprising was the sight of Burbank-based Insomniac, developer of this year's least admired venture into multiplatform waters, touting an Xbox-exclusive new IP.

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buffalo10663485d ago

im starting to think insomniac are loosing their touch this game looks awful

MasterCornholio3485d ago

I have a feeling that into the void will be better than this game.

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abzdine3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

IG have Resistance and Ratchet & Clank. The rest is garbage imo.
Let's see some real gameplay videos instead of some pointless CG cinematics. And when IG starts approving the BS powahh af dah clowwd for the cash then there isn't anything left.

FriedGoat3485d ago

To be fair, resistance is pretty average. I liked the co-op in resistance 2, but the rest bored me.

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Fireseed3485d ago

Ummmm have you seen some game play that us mere mortals aren't privy to yet? Or are simply talking out of your ass?

buffalo10663485d ago

clearly u havnt seen the e3 trailer...go home son!

darx3485d ago

@ dano

Did the trailer show any gameplay?

thrust3485d ago

Dank, stop being a fanboy!

He maybe be at home aswell, hahaha!

christocolus3485d ago

..Some gamers are just so unbelievable... Maybe he has seen it (in his dreams) ignorance of some fanboys makes me wanna kp lmao...damn

MWong3485d ago

The problem with IG trailers as you've seen with OverStrike later changed to Fuse. Is that trailers can be very misleading. OverStrike looked like a beast and everybody was hyped. Most people got their hands on the demo and were like "what the hell is this POS."

I'll wait for the demo to see if this is going to be good. I don't see anything in that article that talks about cloud computing. Mr. Price never mentioned it only the author did, maybe I missed it. However, it does sound like this game will be patched heavily based on community feedback.

sobekflakmonkey3485d ago

That whole E3 trailer was not in-game, I don't think it was even in-engine, but I personally think it looks like it could be really fun, I'll most likely never play it because I don't ever plan on getting an xbone, but still, if they don't change the style like they did with Overstrike, and switch the name and art style and all that, I think the Xbox fans are probably in for a solid exclusive, that is if that trailer was any indication of what the gameplay was gonna be like.

n4rc3485d ago

People just LOVE being misinformed..

That's the problem when Sony fans try to bash something ms does... They don't actually read up on anything..

Sunset overdrive is barely into development.. Its not even remotely close to showing gameplay.. The trailer is just to show the vision of the game..

It was said repeatedly.. Hard to miss, unless you wanted to

psyxon3485d ago

damn you kids are dumb. he didn't say the GAMEPLAY looks terrible. he said the game looks terrible. if a game is going to use a fucking trailer to show what the game is about/made of, then i am going to express my opinion on it.

and this looks shit. plain and simple. get mad. disagree.

kids, stay in school. reading comprehension is very important.

darx3485d ago

@ psyox

Dano was replying to Fireseed who posed the question "have you seen some gameplay"? Which Dano replied with "did you see the e3 trailer" implying that there was game play.

At lease that is how I took it.

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FanboyCrusher3485d ago

This kind of creativity and unique style is what made Insomniac great, I don't know what you're smoking but it's something potent.

bganci3485d ago

How can we deny this? Clearly there is overwhelming evidence of the quality of this game.

Bigpappy3485d ago

You guys are not addressing what is being discussed in the article.

They are talking about the way they can now quickly and seamlessly add content to the game to add surprises and new content for the gamers: "Adding or changing weapons based on what players tell us is an opportunity we haven't really had during the current generation. Because if you want to put out regular updates, you have to jump through a lot of hoops. So our intent is not to just to offer new weapons, but new gameplay features that change up the environment."

3-4-53484d ago

This is actually one of the more "Fresh" looking games out there and one that definitely stood out to me at E3 as a game XB1's users will enjoy.

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nukeitall3485d ago

You mean how the fallen have turned mighty?

Diver3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

you mean fuse was mighty? you think fuse was better thank their previous work? ha ha ha.

dude seriously you just made ever thing else you say a joke. nobody thinks they have gotten better.

oh wait you said turn mighty so you must be talkin bout Bungie.

thekhurg3485d ago

"Cloud power" equals click bait. Nothing in there specifically discussing the cloud power. Based on the interview they're using it as a dedicated server so they can push updates faster to the players based on feedback. That's the power of dedicated servers and developer ambition, not some mythical powerful cloud of computers.

iamnsuperman3485d ago

From wiki it seems they are using it to add "The game is expected to use Microsoft's cloud computing to create a living world, where user feedback and ideas such as Internet memes, social commentary, new items, weapons, and characters can be quickly added"

I like the idea of adding weapons quickly but memes. I hope to god memes stay out of it

No_Limit3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Can't wait for actual gameplay of this game to be shown.

LOL, the first 4 comments are from PS fans bashing a former PS only developer. Hilarious.

MasterCornholio3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

You know what's hilarious?


Now that game was so dang funny due to how bad it is.

There's a reason why some people have doubts in sunset overdrive. Heck the new exclusive Ratchet and Clank game could be terrible as well like the last one they made.

BTW I'm a huge fan of Ratchet and Clank.

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buffalo10663485d ago

fuze was multiplatform and that sucked so its nothing to do with loyalty

abzdine3485d ago

i wouldn't say that i can't wait for gameplay footage first because the E3 CG trailer didn't wow me and second because i'm not planning to buy this console at anytime.

I'd still like to see some gameplay sequences of this game but if i were you i wouldn't have high hopes and be that excited.

SuperLupe3485d ago

Of course but Knack blew your mind away.


abzdine3485d ago

@SuperLupe :

ROFL... you make me say what i haven't said. well at least we have seen gameplay videos of Knack. And yes graphics are good and gameplay seems fun for families with kids. not a game i'd be no lifing on but i like what i've seen of gameplay.

But you need to keep it shut about Sunset Overdrive and all X1 games cause ALL we have is CG cinematics.

darx3485d ago

Riiiiiight guys. Has nothing to do with it being MS exclusive.

psyxon3485d ago

funny. it's easy to bash ps fans because they seem to dislike what they've seen from a "game", but not bash xbox fans because they're showing such support for a game that's... not even a game yet.

apparently ps fans like actual gameplay, xbox fans like video (tv).

to each their own.

darx3485d ago

We get it psyox you really love the PS brand.

psyxon3485d ago


kids, stay in school. reading is fundamental.

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MasterCornholio3485d ago

"Ted Price aims to claw back a little fan respect, and cloud computing could be the key."

What the heck is the cloud going to do with this game? I couldn't find the answer in the article.

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rdgneoz33485d ago

It's gonna be used as a dedicated server. Nothing else is mentioned beyond that.

MasterCornholio3485d ago

But that isn't anything new since the PS3 and Xbox 360 already do this.

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sAVAge_bEaST3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

it's "teh Pwor of teh clowd" --(be hypnotized)

-Nothing more than dedicated servers, and quick updates., server side,.. just no hoops to jump through. (like how ever shooter balances guns-currently but wouldn't take as long to get authorized or money, since it's a M$ game.)

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