A Cosplay of the Most Stylish Witch Around: Bayonetta

Bayonetta is tall and curvaceous, with beautiful long black sleek hair, just like Shadow is donning here, the catsuit is beautifully fitted, and no detailing is missed. The gravity defying beehive and arm belts really set her out from the rest. Just by the photos you can tell she is laid back, and would happily fight whenever needed.

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xHeavYx1916d ago

She is cute, too bad there aren't more pics of just her and her hair, lol

skydragoonity1916d ago

She can bewitch me anytime....

TekoIie1916d ago

Ooooooh deary!!!!! Someone slam the Sarkeesian alert!!!

Seriously buzz it now because it'll take something like 5 years till she gets around to making a video about this.

mydyingparadiselost1916d ago

Please tell me she's included as a pre order bonus for B2...