Rumor: Best Buy Employee PS3 Lock Out

Don't have a PS3 pre-order? Launch is gonna suck. If only, if only you worked at Best Buy, then you could take home consoles by the truckload. Right? Nope, not according to one insider who claims that Best Buy is attempting to lock all staff out from getting a console. At all.

Comment from an insider says that Best Buy staff cannot buy consoles:
"Not even if we stand outside in line overnight like everyone else. I'm heading up employee training for the new consoles at our store, the memo we received stated that employee purchases 'should not be allowed.' According to another store manager, 'Employees are completely locked out of buying a console.' Unfortunately, we only get this news after the EB preorders. Apparentlly, this decision came about so that 'more consoles would be available to our customers.' No word, as of yet, as to how long the lockout is supposed to last. Needless to say, many of us are pissed. But not nearly as many as there will be. The memo came to certain members of management, so I don't think most employees know about the rules just yet. I'll be the first to say that Best Buy is usually nothing short of great to it's employees, it is by far the best company I've ever worked for, but they really dropped the ball on this one from an employee standpoint."

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bohemian 234470d ago

When we were waiting for 360 one employee walked out with 2 premiums right in front of everyone and that was f-ckin bu11sh1t!!

Ravenator5294469d ago

Sorry pal, just be happy that you probably have some sort of employee discount.

I think that this is the only fair way to do it.

Go stand in line at Circuit City if you really have a problem with it!

THAMMER14469d ago

I'm glad they are getting blacked out. Last year when I wasp picking up some joysticks this ol pimply @ss fat kid Customer service rep, was like " You bought a 360? I'm waiting for the PS3 it will be better." Now every time I go in there he avoids me at all cost.