MagnaCarta Maker Blended Dungeon Crawlers And Card Games For A New RPG

Games with digital trading cards are money printing machines in Japan and RPGs also make a pretty penny. Softmax, best known in the West for their work on MagnaCarta, are blending those two genres together to create Inner World.

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Summons753983d ago

Cellphone crap that's disappointing. Magna Carta 1&2 were really great games, especially 2. Sad to see developers sink so low :/ they could have easily put it on the 3ds shop or vita store for the same price. Oh well, hope they make a real game soon.

3-4-53982d ago

Eventually a lot of these companies are going to go bankrupt or shut down.

The digital phone IOS games are "cool" for now, but every time they release a new game NOT on PC or console or handheld, they remove themselves from those gamers minds.

They essentially don't matter to us anymore because their games are no longer a factor.

Once IOS games become not the "hot" thing anymore, sales will drop, and since there are hundreds of smaller companies / dev's making these "games", it will force a lot of them to shut down because the pie won't be big enough to spread around.

PC, Console & Handheld are most likely Gamers for life, where as casual IOS are just games for people who don't game but need something to kill time.

Dev's are making " Time Killing Apps" and selling them as games and it's pathetic really.

Not worried though, as things will come full circle and eventually those who "bought too far in" are going to fail.

The iphone games market is too clogged and only going to get worse and more crowded.

Now that they aren't as new, phone games will lose their appeal a bit. They will still sell, but not as well and some will be forced to switch back to console and handheld gaming but we will have moved on and it will be too late for them.

For all you dev's who have jumped ship, we know who you are and we will never forget. We know the trash you are making and we don't respect it at all.


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