The Man Who Tried To Sell A Video Game For $500,000

MTV writes: "Would you ever buy a video game for $500,000?

Neither would we.

But recently eBay saw one of the most expensive video games ever put up for auction. It wasn't a copy of "Kizuna Encounter," "Pepsi Invaders," or even a "Nintendo World Championship" cart, but an Atari 2600 game that has never been known to exist."

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power of Green 4818d ago

GT is old school. Say goodby to the GT is the milestone myth created by PlayStation fanboys not even their hype and lies will keep people from moving on.

power of Green 4818d ago

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VigorousApathy4818d ago

Can't video games be copied limitlessly? Unless the cartridge is made of gold.

thor4818d ago

That's the same thing as saying, "couldn't we make a copy of this antique, to just as high a quality". It's not the original, and of course, things only sell for what people are willing to pay for them. Collectors value original carts quite highly, it seems.

thor4818d ago

I wonder how much someone _would_ be willing to pay for this? Seems to be one of a kind... and there are many collectors out there

VigorousApathy4818d ago

I don't remember it saying there was only one copy made. And no you can't copy an antique, because they aren't made of binary code. Unless it's antique code.

Statix4818d ago (Edited 4818d ago )

Hahaha, wow... reading the interview, he sounds pretty insane about his obsession. Err, I mean hobby. *Cough*loser*ahem*.

IzKyD13314818d ago

if you have 500,000, why not spend it on something better? like i dunno, a Lamborghini maybe? no that's stupid! just buy a plastic cartridge! seriously, this guy needs some help....

yesah4818d ago

well, if you actually read it you would know he wasnt actually trying to sell it, just let the gaming community know it exists and see what offers people made for future refrence.

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The story is too old to be commented.