Portal (Re-released for PC) - CheatCC Review - It's Portalicious

CheatCC writes: "Initially released last fall, The Orange Box was a smorgasbord of delight for gamers seeking to gorge on a medley of exciting first person titles wrapped in a neat little package. Those still considering whether or not to get their hands on the whole shebang should absolutely lay out the dough for this hot collection, but PC gamers have the opportunity to pick and choose among some of the package's tastier morsels.

Portal is sort of the odd-man-out of the collection, but it's easily one of the coolest concepts we've seen for some time and a strong title on its own. Technically, it's not a first-person shooter but rather an unexpectedly deep puzzle game built on the Half-Life 2 source engine that just so happens to use a first-person perspective; therein lays its genius. It looks like a shooter; it controls like a shooter; but it's definitely not a shooter."

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