IGN: Metal Gear Solid 4 Reader Q&A

It's easily one of the most anticipated games of 2008, and a title guaranteed to sell PS3s with its incredible visuals. Metal Gear Solid 4 is the culmination of a 20 year old franchise, bringing the adventures of Solid Snake to a fitting close. But along with that ending comes a flood of questions, some of which weren't answered in IGN's previous hands-on coverage. Some of these included: What can players expect from Kojima Productions come June 12th? How deep is the game, and how easy is it to control?

To put some of these questions to rest, IGN decided to put together this Q&A from you, the readers. IGN read through all of the submissions carefully, and while they would have loved to have included every one of them, they are still bound by certain restrictions and can't divulge everything. What's more, IGN don't want to spoil the game, so they put together everything that they could answer.

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chaosatom3334246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

The entire game can be played in FPS mode. Now who says that we don't have good first person shooters.

It's going to kick halo's ass out of here.

AND don't forget

"For the most part, what we've seen ran at a stable 60 frames a second."

wow, just wow, can xbots say it with me, can they

PS3rd4246d ago

LOL You actually said xbot!!!

What has that got to do with this post.

Your a ignorant little cunt...


heyheyhey4246d ago

please tell me you were joking PS3rd

because not ONE of your posts was 100% related to the article

pwnmaster30004246d ago

no it must be a joke no one is that stupid =)

chaosatom3334246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

This is the place to say xbot.
Stay out of this zone newbie.


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sonarus4246d ago

Not 100% confirmed yet but it is looking like the game WILL run at 60fps

yesah4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

yep should be a pretty solid enjoyable experience.

sonarus4246d ago

lol what i really find funny is how a yr ago i was reading articles on how ps3 can't do 60fps that is why madden got gimped and sadly a lot of people fell for that nonsense. Now imagine if it runs at 1080p.

chaosatom3334246d ago

LAMO, ok, I am done for the day.

Alcaponedyou4246d ago

to the fanboys/haters who "think" it looks bad.
fanboy goggles

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The story is too old to be commented.