Hardcore Gamer: The World Ends with You Preview

Hardcore Gamer Writes: "The World Ends With You is the story of a deeply misanthropic protagonist named Neku. He hates other people and especially hates the human crush of Tokyo's densely-packed Shibuya shopping district. Somehow, Neku has ended up as a Player in a deadly Game that pits organized groups against antagonists called Reapers, who summon Noise, animal-shaped intruders with the supernatural power to erase humans from existence. Players are tasked with working in pairs to achieve their mission goals and battle Noise. If any Players achieve the mission goal, then all the surviving Players get to keep surviving to the next day of the seven-day game. If a Player cannot defeat Noise, or if no Player completes the mission objective before the time limit runs out, all Players are erased from existence."

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PS360WII4245d ago

According to Gamestop this game is coming out near the end of this month. I've been eyeing this game up for what seems like a long time glad it's finally coming and soon we'll be getting reviews ^^