Microsoft Cooking Major, Innovative Features for Windows 7 and Windows 8

Although it is keeping completely mum on the evolution of the next iterations of the Windows client, Microsoft is in fact cooking major and innovative features for both Windows 7, the successor of Windows Vista, and even for Windows 8.

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TriggerHappy4481d ago

They said that with Vista and look at what happened...

Silellak4481d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Quite literally. I was going to come in here and say:

"They said the same thing with Vista. I'm not holding my breath".

decapitator4481d ago

Great minds think alike I guess. Am not holding my breath either.

v1c1ous4481d ago

you guys are all going to switch to linux or macs soon, if you haven't already?

wAtdaFck4481d ago

They didn't say that they were going to switch "Brands" because M$ failed to launch a good successor to XP.

Its merely the consumer acquiring the product which properly fits their needs. XP is success, Vista is trash, Brand association is irrelevant.

v1c1ous4481d ago

we're in N4G. brand association is the life and blood of this website.

wageslave4481d ago

@1, 1.1 & 1.2

Windows 6 (Vista and Server 2008) is to Windows XP (5) as XP (5) is to Windows 95 (4).

Time to abandon the FUD fight kids, you've lost. Vista is the world's second most used OS. More than *BSD (OSX, Net, Free) and GNU/Linux COMBINED.

Vista is a massive engineering undertaking, not just a UI change.

Unless you three know WTF you're talking about (work in IT and/or have a CompSci degree), you should spare us your empty headed FUD, m'kay thanks.

wAtdaFck4481d ago

no, brand association is the life and blood of a fanboy. Making that statement is a generalization that we are all looking at brands first and good products second. Some of us are the other way around.

MorganX4480d ago

The trend is toward simplification and MS still seems to be adding complexity to the UI. Where's the advanced 3D UI Vista was supposed to sport?

Notification icon setting still get lost in Vista ... I think some in Microsoft's UI division gets it, some of the prototype UIs look awesome. But Microsoft has so many enterprise applicaiton the like to tie into, it keeps everythign complex. In otherwords, they're so big they keep tripping over their own feet.

We shall see. I do know that considering how far the rest of technology has come, using a Windows PC is somewhat boring. Eye candy goes a long way when you like cool stuff and you're in front of a PC as much as I am. MS has to remember, the next two generations have grown up with Xboxes and Playstations, we want hot UIs that are easy to use.

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toughNAME4481d ago

Right when I finally getting around to buying a laptop with Vista, they'll release the new Windows.

gEnKiE4481d ago

I got my gf a laptop with Vista installed......I'm half tempted to upgrade to XP....I can only imagine how well it would run then..

Kulupoo4481d ago

hey i dont want Innovative Features....
wut i want is a window that works properly...

Boldy4481d ago

I thought Windows 7 was going to be the last OS from MS or am I missing something?

Obama4481d ago

Did I just see MS and innovative on the same sentence?

zapass4481d ago

you just had a dream.

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