19 Movies With Game Names - Halo, Killzone, Bully and More

Any gamer knows there are plenty of movies that don't do justice to their video game counterparts - Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, and Doom, for example. But have you seen the 1977 "Grand Theft Auto" movie? What about the "Halo" flicks released in 1997 and 2004?

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decapitator5417d ago

Killzone movie ? Halo ? Bully ? ...totally unexpected. I doubt those movies are any good though.

MaximusPrime5417d ago

only one i heard of is Grand Theft Auto.

decapitator5417d ago

Is it any good ? or I shouldn't bother ?

MaximusPrime5417d ago

i havent even seen it. I only saw the box, itself, in blockbusters.

Skerj5417d ago

I own the Shinobi and Killzone movies with the accompanying unrelated games.

ygxbrayzie5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

The killzone was really great i really like the combat scene with Donnie Yen and that blode chinese guy
but it has nothing to do with the game :D
and the Shinobi movie wasn't great...

yesah5417d ago

roflmao the adventure island ones, and harvest moon ones side by side made me crack up.

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