The Official Facepalm Games of 2013 So Far List

There's nothing worse than spending $60 on a brand new video game release and bringing it home only to find out that it is really a stinker. So, we're half of the way through this year, and we've certainly seen some great games already. But with the good, comes the bad. Here is Den of Geek's Facepalm Games of 2013 So Far list, which highlights the worst of the worst video games.

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mgszelda13359d ago

Colonial Marines. My friend got it and won't admit still it was a complete waste.

Einhert3359d ago


It was the biggest disappointment for me

RE_L_MAYER3359d ago

dead island was descent but was more like a big add on

Aghashie3359d ago

honestly never played any of them. been really bussy w TLoU and Ni No Kuni. but thaks for the info. I was looking to get Dead Island, but I guess I should skip it since every review tell the same story. :/

plaZeHD3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

How are The Walking Dead zombies better? The Infected in The Last Of Us are way more unique, and the fungus is actually based on real life. And you actually feel sad for killing them, because they are alive humans whose mind is taken over by a deadly fungus.
And The Walking Dead's story was so cliched. So I don't see how it's better in narrative.

ado9083359d ago

Hey! Come on! We can't be picking on Deadpool can we? Especially not his game :)lol well horrible gameplay but plenty of funny jokes and remarks in the game lol