TGR: Fable 2 Preview


"As the date of launch continues to grow closer, the hype surrounding Fable 2 is increasing at a rate of knots. The differences between this game and the previous game are consistently being highlighted to show potential buyers that this is no mere sequel but an extensive evolution of the game. As greater and greater snippets of information are made available to the general public and the gaming press, the quality of the game seems undeniably good. There are a few points that do need to be queried, which (obviously) are at the heart of many people's decision on whether to purchase the game. This is apart from the fact that it is a single platform game."

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power of Green 4481d ago

Fucin stupid ass previewer. Who posted this crap a PS3 fanboy?.

"You don't get to chose what you play this game on" "halo hype" WTF??????......

JVIDICAN4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

why so defensive? =P
and by you dont get to choose im guessing hes talking about difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard, ect.)

power of Green 4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

Sure just after talking about what platform its on and processes you don't have to go through that you do on other platforms he's just talking about *difficulty levels* lol.

Its a bummer you can't chose from (easy, medium, hard, ect.) as if he's ever seen Fable 2's settings or that they've ever been shown for that matter. Dude is piecing together info anybody can get off the net and calling it a preview as if he's been shown the game by the devs or had hands on. lol.

I find it comical PS3 fanboys hate me so much they're willing to dissagree with me and agree with you knowing you're fullofshit and what you said is Bullshit.


JVIDICAN4481d ago

bashing me on here, really is pointless unless some how you say it right to my face(in turn youd be bloody on the ground =P) its not even worth the effort dude
keep up that smartass additude of yours and enjoy the dissagrees buddy =)

Fallen_Angel4480d ago

@JVIDICAN You know threating people online is a federal crime. PoG can report that to the cops in he/she wants they in turn report to the fbi

JVIDICAN4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

ur giving him ideas lol
im just saying its not worth bashing me on this site it just doesnt work =P
and tell me you wouldnt take a swing at the guy if he said that right in your face (wich by the way wont happen) =P

Fallen_Angel4479d ago

Actually I wont its better to get the other person to take a swing at you that way you can sit there and laugh when he's arrested for assualt

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power of Green 4481d ago

I knew a PS3 fanboy posted this lol. This is the PS3 fanboy seal of approval I was talking when it comes to what they'll allow through for the 360.

AllroundGamer4481d ago

lol POG doesn't get it, that people disagree with him just because they hate him... just like in real life probably... no real friends... therefor the desperate need of attention here on N4G.

wageslave4481d ago

Hatchet job as usual from this site. Snore.

chaosatom3334481d ago

This is not going to sell more xbox in any way, shape or form, but it will make profit on software side.

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