I4U News: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty for PC Review

Right out of the box Turning Point: Fall of Liberty puts forth a very interesting question and set up of the game. What if Churchill had been killed when he was hit by the taxi on New York rather than ending up with a limp? The game moves forward from thee with Churchill dead and one of the most influential leader form the WWII conflict out of the picture Nazi Germany rolls over Europe and eventually sets its sights on America.

Your character starts the day off working high on the skeletal frame of an unfinished skyscraper as waves of German Zeppelins and aircraft begin to bomb New York City. The first act has you trying to get down from the skyscraper as it collapses around you and you fight German soldiers along the way. You fight with real WWII era weapons as the game progresses and the game makes use of grappling commands.

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