The Man Who Fired Jeff Gerstmann From GameSpot Has Been Sacked

When long-time GameSpot reviewer and editorial director Jeff Gerstmann was let go from the site last November-with sources pointing to his review of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men as the catalyst for his termination-fingers were also pointed at executive Josh Larson, VP of games at parent company CNET. Larson, who replaced former Editor in Chief Greg Kasavin, was implicated by anonymous GameSpot employees to have had the "church-and-state separation between the sales teams and the editorial team" "cracked" under his tenure. Whether the VP, Jeff's supervisor at the time, was the key decision maker in letting Gerstmann go we can't confirm, but we can confirm that Larson will be leaving the company next week.

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TriggerHappy3852d ago

This calls for a celebration...pop those battles guys

Truckasaurus3852d ago


It is absolutely bizarre this watching people and certain media outlets still trying to pretend that Jeff Gerstmann was fired for anything other than being an unprofessional clown who had finally run out his welcome and got his ass fired.

The gaming world is a better place with him banished to some poorly named gaming blog that no one cares to read.

Hopefully with Gerstmann gone Gamespot can move on from fanboyism to honest reviews. So far since Gerstmann got dumped Gamespot has dramatically improved the quality of their reviews.

Good job whoever really was responsible for firing Gerstmann, Gamespot is making progress to once again become a respectable review site for gamers of all platforms.

Enigma_20993852d ago

... you either LIKED Kane vs Lynch, or he gave a low score to one of your favorite games... which one is it?

Cause I seriously doubt you even WORKED with him long enough to critique his work ethics...

Improved the quality of their reviews? What, did they stop selling ad space and Game of the Month awards to publishers?

Truckasaurus3852d ago

Enigma_2099 WTF???

Go away...

Enigma_20993852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

So you and your friend can just deal with it.

Hmmm... what a response.... you either ignored me once, or maybe had me reported for something.... am I correct?

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decapitator3852d ago

What goes around do REALLY come back around.

niall773852d ago

maybe gamespot can get back on track.

Vip3r3852d ago

Does anyone actually give a toss?

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The story is too old to be commented.