Xbox Evolved - New Dragonball Z Burst Limit Gameplay

Videoclip of the game played by two Microsoft representatives at the Xbox 360 2nd birthday party in Singapore (April 3rd, 2008). The game will be released on June 3rd, 2008. (This video is brought to you by

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wow4u3850d ago

That looks sweet. Like your playing a CG Anime movie. Awesome.

Jamegohanssj53849d ago

How in the hell can they say June 3rd, then when you click to the website it says sometime in July? I heard it was like July 15 or something like that. I hope it's in July because I have like two guys I need to purchase in June.

The Genius has spoken.

Blaze9293847d ago

Japan gets this game June 3rd. Thats what it meant. It was being shown form asia, it was the version of the game shown for that territory, and the release date complies for that region it was being shown in. The US release date is sometime in July, and the 15th, like you said, the date most believe it to be.