Gametrailers review of Viking: Battle for Asgard

A few good fresh ideas and cool action gameplay is hindered by repetitive level design and somewhat poor presentation.

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yesah3874d ago

would you guys recomend this game?

Bust Nak3874d ago

This is an action game, the other elements (RPG/open world/epic battle) you've already seen on that video review, so I'll just offer my input on the combat. If you want a god of war clone, this is not it. The combat is slow paced, heavy focus on blocking, dodging rather than long combos. The fatalities can only keep you amused for so long. Stay away if you are looking for a dynasty warriors, button bashing will give you nothing but frustrations, the game punishes you for rushing in and button bashing. Each blocked attack and missed swing takes a long time to recover - again emphasis on blocking and dodging even for the enemy AI. If you are surround you'll get battered. Taking on 20 enemies is not a good idea is Viking.

You'll be right at home if you enjoyed the combat in Spartan Total Warrior. If this style of slower, considered combat sounds good to you then you'll enjoy the game, I highly recommend it.

One more thing, the GT review said the lips do not move in cutscene - that's PS3 only. There is lip sync on the 360 version.