Prey sells 1 million worldwide, 3D Realms reaffirms Prey 2

Work on Prey 2 started earlier this year, but 3D Realms CEO Scott Miller, now openly talks about it on his dukenukem blog, as well as announcing Prey sold over 1 million games on PC and Xbox 360.

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The_Firestarter4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

I'm still skeptical about getting this game. The Doom 3 engine is cool and all, but I'm not sure if I should spend $50 for a (from what I've heard) game with uber-short single player gameplay. I'll wait 'til it's $20, then I'll buy it. :P

assjacket4471d ago

I bought it when it came out and beat it in a couple of days. I suggest you rent it and play through. I found it an entertaining game, nothing that wow's you, but worth a rental if you like first person blaster game's.

Marriot VP4471d ago

maybe this time they'll actually build a game with online that I hate when PC port developers get lazy.

CompGeek4471d ago

I couldnt even get through it, its sooo generic and boring.

NextGen24Gamer4471d ago

Its a game that absolutely needs to be run on 1080i on an hd tv. Its about 10 hours long and innovative and fun if first person shooters is your thing. I am one of those guys who think FPS's that are 20 hours are just too long. BTW...the PC version is 10 hours as well. Its an action packed and entertaining 10 hours with eye candy if you have the right display.

Marriot VP4470d ago

pretty sure I heard it was under 8h

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