'Hardest' Battlefield 3 Easter Egg Finally Discovered By YouTube Personality

MP1st - "Back in April, last year, we reported on an a near-impossible-to-find Battlefield 3 easter egg that was hinted at by now ex-DICE voice-over designer, Thomas Danko.

Despite the handful of clues that Danko included in his tweets, no Battlefield 3 player has successfully discovered the easter egg, or has at least successfully documented it, as of yet.

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sovietsoldier1922d ago

i think i remember hearing that once and never payed any mind to it, lol now i know.

Parapraxis1922d ago

This video was better than expected.

TheSaint1922d ago

Jack is a decent youtuber.

RioKing1922d ago

Kinda lame in all honesty

RickHiggity1922d ago

The video is entertaining. If you're talking about the actual easter egg, I agree.

RioKing1922d ago

Yeah I did enjoy the video but was disappointed with the actual east egg...and how he found it.

FanboyCrusher1922d ago

The Easter Egg technically wasn't found. He ripped audio files, for all extensive purposes he "cheated". Not to mention how underwhelming this was, I was really hoping for something cool.

RioKing1922d ago

How is "We have Goldfarb in the air" not cool?!!


FanboyCrusher1922d ago

It didn't happen like it was meant to (poor design by the guy, I know) but it's just not as satisfying when you don't actually pull it off.

mastershredder1922d ago

Meh. Dino Skull, Snowman, those are of more substance

I'll never forget narrowly escaping a tank and two soldiers, I hid in the trees while they were looking for me. I was all laying and praying they did not see me. Then I looked up to my right and saw the snowman hiding in there with me. Scared the heck out of me at first. What the heck!? Holy smokes...everything okay...just a snowman!...

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